Commercial Vehicle Loan

Commercial Vehicle Loan – Itself define its success and the success platform they made for so many upcoming entrepreneurs and business aspirants. You can easily get financial loans for commercial vehicles from tractors, trucks and more. Loans are easily available at affordable rates and with very easy documentation.

With so many other financial services provider in the country as well, M/s Vigneshwara Financial Solutions are one of the leading business associates of the leading banks based at Vijayawada providing financial solutions at coastal Andhra Pradesh. VF Solutions is now providing integrated end to end solutions to all the financial needs of the commercial vehicle users.

commercial vehicle loan

  • Better assessment of the customer
  • Business mobilization
  • Maintaining better relationships with Manufacturers & Dealers
  • Ensuring faster solutions.

With very exciting rewarding challenging environment they attract most of the veteran, talented and proven individuals towards it that now they have the strategic strength of 14 leaders spread all across the diverse locations in the state to provide and help in the financial needs of the customers.

Commercial Vehicle Loans in Vijayawada

  • Funds for all-Either Big or Small: You can easily get funds for all type of commercial vehicles either big or small ranging from trucks, busses and more.
  • Working Capital: They have very smooth working capitals to meet all the financial needs of the users.
  • Extended Products: You can easily get loans for all type of vehicles small, big used and even there are facilities for top ups on existing loans for the vehicle.
  • Quick Sanction System: They have very quick turnaround time with very simple documentation.
  • Presence throughout major Cities: They are spread all across the diversified locations to provide financial services and help to the users.

Commercial Vehicle Loan Eligibility

  • Any person with two to three years of experience in business management and owing at least two commercial vehicles with captive customers is eligible for sanctioning loans.

Commercial Vehicle Loan Interest Rates:

  • Interest rates will actually depend on upon the customer profile, relationship management and tenure of loan etc.
  • For more information and further updates you can visit the company’s website.

Commercial Vehicle Loan Amount:

  • Totally dependent on requirement proposed by the applicant.
  • Assurance for the extension of 100% funding on chassis value.

Commercial Vehicle Loan Sanctioning:

  • Easy available loans for new vehicles and used one also.
  • The process takes 3-4 days for loan sanctioning after the completion of the whole documentation process. Also the process time depends on the nature of loan and quantum of funding or any other bank issue.

Used, Refinance & Repurchase Commercial Vehicle Loan

VF Solutions offers easy loans on pre-owned vehicles and you can even refinance pre-existing vehicles, used commercial vehicles at easy and cheap rates providing high LTV ratio upto 90% for maximum tenure.


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