Construction Equipment Loan

Any value added loan that is used to buy or finance any kind of construction equipment is construction equipment loan. VF Solutions not only provides loans for vehicle but also lay a good foundation in providing loans for construction equipments as well.

They are leading associates of major banks in providing construction machinery loan and fuelling the infrastructure growth. construction equipment loan

Construction Equipment loans

  • Diversified Machinery

You can get loans on wide range of machinery used by mine owners, road builders etc.

  • Easy Process

There is hassle free documentation process with quick response by the providers.

  • Wide Outreach

They are spread all across the operating location to provide their services to the ones who are in need.

Construction Equipment Loan Eligibility:

Any individual with two years of experience in business management and owing at least 2-3 construction equipment can easily get loans from the esteemed service providers.

Construction Equipment Loan Amount:

Depends on the applicant’s requirement and the funding can be extent to 95% of the invoice.

Construction Equipment Loan Sanctioning:

Generally for the purchase of new equipment and the loan is mostly sanctioned in 3-4 days from submission of the complete documents. However time may even vary according to the nature and quantum of funding.

 Construction Equipment Loan Repayment:

Loan time period vary from 12-60 months depending upon the nature of loan.

Repayments can be made using post dated cheques or ECS.

Prepayment is allowed at some charge specified on the “SERVICE CHARGES” page.

In case of any accident, you need to inform our local representative of it.

Construction Equipment Loan Application Process:

You simply should be ready with all the mentioned documents by the bank and fill one application form available at our website and your equipment should also be hypothicated by the bank and should also be registered at RTO(Regional Transport Office).

Used, Refinance & Repurchase Construction Equipment Loan:

You can easily get loans on the used, refinance & Repurchase machinery and even can get top up loans on the existing loans with terms and conditions. They even offer flexibility in EMI payments as well.


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