Mortgage Loan

Vf solutions offers mortgage loans in Vijayawads, you can get financed aignist your own property to purchase new property. With VF solutions in vijaywada, meet all your finaicial needs through mortage loans and we are affiliated to all major banks, select low interest rate to awail the loan from top banks.

Mortgage Loan in VijayawadaMortgage Loan

Get a loan against property to fulfil your needs and also for Purchase of Commercial Property, Loan through Lease Rental Discounting. VF solutions is the one step solution for mortgage loans

Mortgage Loan Charges:

Loan Processing Charges / Renewal Charges (Non Refundable)
0.50% – 1.00% of the loan amount or Rs. 1500/- (Rs. 2000/- for Mumbai, Delhi & Bangalore), whichever is higher + applicable Service Tax & Surcharge.

Mortgage Loan Prepayment Charges
Nil for Home Loans and Home Improvement Loans with floating rate of interest.
2% plus applicable taxes on principal outstanding* on full repayment for Home Loans with fixed rate of interest.
2% plus applicable taxes on principal outstanding* on full repayment for Top Up loan if the applicant or co-applicant is Non Individual.
4% plus applicable taxes on principal outstanding* where loan** is given to Non Individual borrowers or with fixed rate of interest to Individual borrowers.

*Current principal outstanding and all amounts tendered by the borrower towards prepayment of the Facility during the last one year from the date of final prepayment.
**Home Equity Loan/Home Equity Enhancement Loan, Office Premises Loan and Lease Rental Discounting Loan.


Administrative Charges
5000 (The Administrative charges are a one-time non refundable charges collected by the Lender for the purpose of appraising the valuation and legal verification of property to ascertain suitability of accepting the property for mortgage and the same is independent of the outcome /result of such appraisal. Please note that the administrative charges are payable at the time of disbursement of the Facility)


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